The Vordos Project

Welcome to the Vordos Project: A (r)evolutionary Rich Internet Application development platform.

To get a general idea about the project’s goals, please read our manifesto. Then, choose a sub-project and dive into the source.


Rejasca is a modern and extensible RPC server for RIAs. It’s written in Python, and it aims to support a large number of programming languages on the client side, with Python and Javascript bindings already available. It comes complete with its own IDL, a flexible security system, and tools for automatic service discovery.

[ Download Rejasca ] [ Documentation ] [ SVN Repository ] [ Bug Tracking ]

Baliso provides a set of libraries and scaffolding tools for RIA development, built on top of Rejasca and Ext-JS. An open-ended project, Baliso will expand with the addition of new features as time goes by.

[ Download Baliso ] [ Documentation ] [ SVN Repository ] [ Bug Tracking ]


Baliso is Growing (2011–07–01)
API calls for building many Ext-JS components are now complete, as are calls for automatically building forms and grids from Rejasca type definitions. A module for data persistence is now in the works. Once that’s complete, the Vordos promise for very rapid application development will be one step closer to fruition.

Sorry About the Email (2011–05–30)
To anyone who’s been trying to contact me at This email address has been defunct for the last 4 months, with me not being aware of it. Terribly sorry about that. It’s been fixed now.

Vordos Baliso Launched (2011–03–19)
At the moment, the project is very young: it consists of just 700 lines of Javascript code. Please join me to make it grow.

What’s Happening (2011–02–19)
Rejasca is maturing rapidly. Quite a bit of work has been done this last month and a half, including:

  • The project has been ported to Python 3.1. Although still lacking some third-party modules, the Python 3 platform offers several advantages over 2.6, such as increased speed, cleaner error handling and reporting, and (most importantly for Rejasca) better support for Unicode.
  • In addition to handling Rejasca requests, the HTTP server can now be also used as a normal web server that can host both static content (such as .html and .png files) and dynamic content, generated by Python scripts.
  • Error reporting for the CLI client has been improved. Also, the client now uses colored text in its responses, for better legibility.
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed: Rejasca now fully supports Unicode content, and thus can be used with most human languages. Also, the Javascript library has been debugged extensively, and has been combined with Ext-JS to create a sample application for testing purposes.

Project Launched (2011–01–12)
The Vordos project, a set of software tools that take the donkey work out of Rich Internet Application Development, has been released to the public. Vordos is open source software, licensed under the GPL.