Once Baliso 1.0 beta is released, it will be available here for download.

For the moment, you can grab the source code in the SVN repository.


Before running Baliso, make sure you have the following software installed:

  • Ext-JS: Javascript GUI Library, version 3.3.1
    Download it from here. Extract the archive in trunk/.
  • Baliso Artwork Resources
    Download this archive and extract it in trunk/.
  • OurSQL: MySQL Bindings for Python, version 0.9.2
    Download this patched version and install it using (The release version of OurSQL has a bug that makes it impossible for certain kinds of queries to be executed when using Python 3.)


Eventually, Vordos Deplorio will provide a quick and easy installation procedure for Rejasca and Baliso. In the meantime, developers can install the software using these steps:

1. Download and install Rejasca.

2. Grab Baliso’s source code from SVN.

3. Download the dependency files. Install OurSQL using, and extract and baliso-resources.tar.gz in trunk/.

4. Baliso is built on top of Rejasca’s Javascript library. Create a link of rejasca-lib-javascript/ in Baliso’s trunk/ directory:

$ ln -s /path/to/rejasca/trunk/rejasca-lib-javascript rejasca-lib-javascript

5. Configure your web server, so that it can serve the files in trunk/. Since Baliso is pure Javascript, any web server can be used. To use Rejasca, launch with the following parameters:

$ ./ --threads=8 --static-content-dir=/path/to/baliso/trunk

6. Point your browser to test.html (located in trunk/).

Problems you May Encounter

  • Although Baliso should work with most modern browsers, it has only been tested with Firefox 4. Please file a bug report if you encounter a problem when running Baliso with a different browser.